January Happenings

So far, so good, for the new year! Mrs. Lajeunesse (Lyman’s PreK Teacher) and I were lucky enough to be selected as part of an Early Childhood Education cohort that will be meeting several times throughout the school year in Waterville. On January 10, we had our second meeting. We’re learning lots of fun, new songs and dances! I’ve found that they’re not just helpful for PreK, but for our K-2 students as well. Kindergarten has really enjoyed the Sleeping Bunnies song, and K-2 students have had fun with 1 Green Jelly Bean.

As February approaches, so does the Great Kindness Challenge. This week, students will be introduced to Kind-Hearted Hand, the theme song for the Great Kindness Challenge. For those who may not know, the Great Kindness Challenge is a week that our schools celebrate in February. Students are encouraged to complete kind acts and reflect on ways they can continue being kind after the Great Kindness Challenge is over. It is such a positive way to remind students how to treat one another!

Lastly, I am looking for donations of old t-shirts. 4th grade has started recorders, and the cotton fabric of t-shirts happens to be an excellent material to clean the recorders! T-shirts will be cut into strips or squares for students to use to clean the inside of their recorders. If you have any t-shirts that you are willing to part with, send them to school with your child, and they will be put to good use!


Cray Cray Christmas!

Happy December!

I can’t say enough how proud I am of our 1st and 2nd graders. They did such a phenomenal job at their December concert! Especially our 1st graders who had never sung in front that large of an audience before, they put on such a wonderful show. I am always reminded of how fortunate I am to work in such a great district with amazing students and a wonderful community. Thank you to every who made our December performance possible!

In music this week, we are learning songs about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. We have learned about how Hanukkah is celebrated over 8 days and nights, and a candle on the menorah is lit each night. We then sing Quaver’s version of O Hanukkah O Hanukkah. ┬áThen, we talked about how Kwanzaa is an African American holiday celebrated between Christmas and New Years. We talked about what each candle on the kinara represent and sang Quaver’s Kwanzaa Celebration.

I have found that the most popular song this week has been Quaver’s Cray Cray Christmas! I have so much fun dancing and singing to this song with our students. I’m sure once your child learns this song in music, they would love to show you the fun dance moves we do!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful break, and a great New Year!

Good Bye Summer, Hello September!

After a lovely, relaxing summer, it’s finally time to start getting ready for the upcoming school year. I’ve had a week full of cleaning out and setting up my rooms, meeting with other teachers, and getting some inspiration for my classrooms, and I am very excited to welcome the students to school next Tuesday!

This site will have concert information for our upcoming performances, as well as updates on what Alfred and Lyman students are doing in music. If your child is in grades 1 or 2, information on their concert can be found under the Winter Concert tab at the top of the page. For parents of grades 3 and 4, look to the Spring Concert tab. As details for the Kindergarten and grade 5 performances become available, those will be posted under new tabs above as well.

I will also be posting activities that we do in music to let parents know what their children are doing in music, as well as to possibly share some inspiration with fellow general music teachers.

I am looking forward to a wonderful, musical year with our students!

-Miss Smith